Natural wall decor UK beginnings header image
Natural wall decor UK beginnings header image

A lifelong nature lover, I am in my element when I can see or touch plants. I find beauty not only in flowers, but also in stems, seeds, bark and of course, leaves. There is so much variety to be explored and enjoyed – colours, patterns and textures abound – and I often can’t resist the urge to stop and stare, sniff, feel and wonder, ‘How could I preserve this particular beautiful little piece of nature?’ Well, the answers to this question are displayed in my wall art.

My innovative wall art is created using ethically-sourced, tried-and-tested plant parts in their natural state, which I creatively manipulate to form new shapes. Some pieces of my art include use of sand in small quantities – often for embellishment. These two main media of plant parts and sand informed the name Trees to Shores.

My wall décor continues to adorn the walls of homes and offices in a number of countries including The Cayman Islands, Canada, the U.S.A., Dominica, and the U.K.

So, whether you are seeking handmade wall décor that works in harmony with the natural themes within your home or whether you are eager to find the perfect gift for someone who loves nature, you have arrived at the right place. Trees to Shores products make fantastic gifts for all occasions – for you and for the special people in your life.

Meet the Artist

Hi! I’m Ginni, the mind and hands that bring you Trees to Shores’ unique products.

I’m a lifelong nature lover who enjoys being in beautiful natural spaces. Of the creations in such spaces, I am most drawn to plants –  their whole living forms as well as their spent  parts. It should therefore come as no surprise that I love gardening as well.

My creative journey started with spent parts – leaves, in particular. So beautiful – in colour, markings, shape, texture and structure – yet so overlooked and unappreciated. On that particular autumn day, I took home with me, the two most beautiful freshly fallen leaves I had found on my walk, their fate as yet unknown.

The intervening decade+ between then  and now has hosted my extensive and rigorous testing of not only various leaves, but also paper bark, seeds, seed pods, seed wings, stems and stalks. From those, I use only the  toughest, most aesthetically pleasing varieties as my primary medium of choice, with natural sands being my second.  I apply my fresh, creative style to transform these materials that are generally taken for granted, into tastefully crafted works that owners cannot help treasuring, partly because they are unusual and partly because the materials used are natural and organic.

Anyway, that’s the gist of who I am, in a nutshell. I hope you find your special handmade treasure at Trees to Shores. 

Happy shopping!


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