Hi! I’m Ginni, the mind and hands that bring you Trees to Shores’ unique tropical wall art. A lifelong nature lover, I am in my element when I can see or touch plants. I find beauty not only in flowers, but also in stems, seeds, bark and of course, leaves. There is so much variety to be explored and enjoyed – colours, patterns and textures abound – and I often can’t resist the urge to stop and stare, sniff, feel and wonder, ‘How could I preserve this particular beautiful little piece of nature?’ Well, the answers to this question are displayed in my wall art.

About my art

I create my innovative tropical wall art using ethically-sourced natural plant parts that I have carefully selected and tested for their durability, ensuring that the beauty of each piece remains preserved over time. Probably the quirkiest feature of my art using natural plant materials is that very rarely do I use any plant part as it exists in nature. Instead, I use one part to create others, e.g. out of seed wings I create leaves and out of leaves I create flowers etc. How? It’s all to do with cutting and manipulation. Some pieces of my work include use of sand in small quantities – often for embellishment. These two main media of plant parts and sand informed the name Trees to Shores.

Some of my oldest pieces are now well over fifteen years old and continue to be stunning, adorning the walls of homes and offices in a number of countries including The Cayman Islands, Canada, the USA, Dominica, and the UK.

So, whether you are seeking Caribbean-inspired tropical wall art that works in harmony with the natural themes within your home or whether you are eager to find the perfect gift for someone who loves nature or specifically loves plants, you have arrived at the right place. I hope you enjoy browsing Trees to Shores. Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance.


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